Denver Business Network Audits

Worried about the productivity of your business and the security of your company’s IT environment? Maybe you should get an IT infrastructure audit.

An IT infrastructure audit makes sure that the servers installed are properly configured for both security and efficiency; identifies hardware and software that are impacting upon productivity; identifies reasons as to why outages and downtime are occurring; and sees just how efficient your back-ups and confirmation are and how they are managed and monitored. And that’s not all! An IT infrastructure audit also sees to it that your security measures in dealing with viruses, spyware, firewalls, encryption, and internet intrusions are adequate. You might also want an audit to check if the software installed have been appropriately licensed.

Maybe your hardware has become too old making your business unable to compete or maybe your current network architecture doesn’t meet up to industry standards. Whatever the reason, the result is going to be decrease in business productivity and potential risks for your business. If you don’t want any of these results, go for an audit.

So, what is it about IT infrastructure audits that make them so crucial to the performance of your IT infrastructure and your business as a whole? The fact is they cover a whole lot of areas giving you insights into the factors affecting your productivity and security. Ideally, an IT infrastructure audit should include:

  • Asset listing of your hardware to support budgeting, planning and management
  • Listing down software installed on each machine
  • Appropriateness of hardware in each machine and how this impacts upon performance
  • The version of operating system, security, and patching done
  • Analysis of the network design
  • Appropriateness, performance, and levels of redundancy of server hardware
  • Analysis of the security environment (software, policies and procedures)
  • Back-up systems: hardware, software, data management, and disaster recovery planning

Now that you’ve come to know the various advantages of getting an IT infrastructure audit done, what are you waiting for? Go get an audit and improve the productivity of your business and it’s IT security.  Speak with your Denver IT support team at IT-Guru about our complete range of IT services including network audits and reviews.

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“I am very particular about who I let touch our technology and found IT-Guru to be very knowledgeable and competent. They are upfront about what needs to be done, and really work to help their customers understand, learn and become empowered. Additionally, IT-Guru met us where we were at equipment-wise which is especially important as a non-profit organization, since we don’t always have the means to implement cutting-edge technology. I will rue the day when I have to give IT-Guru up for someone else!”

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"Our business has been growing very rapidly and IT-Guru has been there every step of the way to help our technology grow with it. I would definitely reccommend them for managing any small business."

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