Data Protection

While other Denver IT consultants are talking to business owners and professionals about disaster recovery and business continuity, IT-Guru consults with Denver and area businesses on how to avoid business data disasters in the first place.

The time to discuss backup, recovery and business continuity is long before a data disaster occurs. Most business owners never see the importance of recovery until their Microsoft Exchange server crashes, a critical proposal goes missing or when a fire occurs and everything is gone.

IT-Guru focuses on avoiding data disasters in the first place. Our clients enjoy the “peace of mind” knowing that they have a trusted business partner who is looking after them. Our focus is one avoidance first and recovery second.

Disaster Avoidance is the best medicine. When your Denver business puts the required systems in place preventing the loss of critical business data, your business will continue to thrive no matter how many curve balls are thrown. A system geared at avoidance will allow operations to continue, clients get served and revenues continue to flow.

If and when a file is deleted or a fire occurs and your business is threatened by a loss of data, you need a system that will work when recovery is required. This is crucial! You need a process and system that works! The integrity of your data can never be in question.

The worst time to test your backup is when a disaster occurs.

IT Guru will make sure you have the right systems in place to prevent data loss from occurring and when your recovery plan is thrusted into action, we can recover your data no matter how big or small.

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IT-Guru Testimonials

“IT-Guru has great customer service and their team has been able to solve any problems we have had. They quickly respond to our needs and we feel like valued customers!”

Jessica Snider
“I am very particular about who I let touch our technology and found IT-Guru to be very knowledgeable and competent. They are upfront about what needs to be done, and really work to help their customers understand, learn and become empowered. Additionally, IT-Guru met us where we were at equipment-wise which is especially important as a non-profit organization, since we don’t always have the means to implement cutting-edge technology. I will rue the day when I have to give IT-Guru up for someone else!”

Genni Williams
The Arc of Jefferson County
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