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Worried about the productivity of your business and the security of your company’s IT environment? Maybe you should get an IT infrastructure audit. An IT infrastructure audit makes sure that the servers installed are properly configured for both security and efficiency; identifies hardware and software that are impacting upon productivity; identifies reasons as to why […]

Word is Google Wallet is going to revolutionize how we pay for things. This smartphone app, which is currently available only for the Nexus S 4G Android phone, aims to give credit cards a run for their money! Using the NFC (near-field communications) technology in your smartphone, the Google Wallet app wirelessly debits the credit […]

Were you disappointed when Apple didn’t release iPhone 5 last week as was anticipated? We hear you! Anyway, iPhone 5 or no iPhone 5, Apple did unveil iPhone 4S and it turns out that it’s packed with a lot of punch and it might make us forget about iPhone 5 for a while! On sale […]

Attention Blackberry users: It has come to our attention that RIM, the maker of Blackberry devices, is experiencing a network outage resulting in service interruption to Blackberry users. From the RIM website ( ) : Wednesday 12th October – 9:45 (GMT-5) BlackBerry subscribers in the Americas may be experiencing intermittent service delays this morning. […]

Attacking a country without physically crossing its borders, conflicts between countries being fought in cyberspace; sounds like a sci-fi drama, doesn’t it? Well, it’s time to wake up because security experts believe that this is going to happen for real. (And we can’t say this is going to be out of the blue because over […]

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